Finance for Beginners

I’ve got my first paycheck and I want to be investing like a financier.

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How to approach a big profit from small-cap stocks.

Investing is in our thoughts all the time.  I’m down to the last dime and I have $100.00 to invest this month.  Am I a success or a failure at this point? Writing your monthly investments out is good financial thinking.  Have a checklist for understanding your investments is important.

  • Find the best companies
  • Invest safely with a minimum of risk
  • Balance and diversify your portfolio
  • Listen to experts for buying, holding, and selling stocks
  • Form your own plan of research
  • Time your transactions and do your homework

If you are a small investor you can find information reading Seeking Alpha or Motley Fool, just to name two and you can find investing tools and reads thru Google. Shefrin, Hersh (2002). Beyond greed and fear: Understanding behavioral finance and the psychology of investing. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. p. ix. ISBN 978-0195304213. Retrieved 8 May 2017. 

Once you find the stock information you can rely on you can start your own monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual dividend purchases.

Decide you are looking for a $5.00 to $25.00 priced stock and research the companies that catch your eye chart.  Once you decide on a monthly investment you can buy and set up dividends that fall into your monthly calendar. is one place to research dividends. Planning your financial arguments by setting up with a financial investment group and setting up your portfolio is a good start.  They can help you or you can go it on your own to challenge the market.

I went out on my own to set up my portfolio only after extensive research.  I found a penny stock for around .0038 bought $200.00 worth of it, that’s 52631.578 shares.  I sold it at 0.19 for $999.99998. I made about a thousand dollars and profited $800.00 from the transaction.  I sold too short though, the stock then made its way to as high as .07 and stays around .04 – .07. I am not complaining It was a subtle victory.

I have a dividend stock that brings in $9.25 quarterly.  That may be small fry for the big investor, but I can put a few more pennies into it every month and grow.  Your stock portfolio company will have a search engine, so you can look up all the vocabulary from your acknowledgements and responses.

Now, form your circumstances to consequence stratifies.  If a company has a regular down growth and then an up growth and does this on a regular basis I would watch it if not buy and sell it.

Draft up your monthly budget and decide this month I want to buy dividends and next month I want to buy and sell penny stocks.  From your research and reading of other investors, you can conclude the industries trends. Watching TV is another form of input on the subject.

The common structure of your concepts can be enhanced by joining a financial group of investors who want to talk shop.  Happy investing.

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