7 early warning signs of depression and how to prevent them

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Are there any early warning signs of depression? If so what are those and are there any ways to prevent them?

Depression is a mental health disorder that plagues a high percentage of the population, and what makes depression even more difficult to deal with is the possibility of a relapse. Over half of depression patients may have a relapse later in life and some of which might have to deal with it as a bothering illness.

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It is important to note that depression is not a final sentence; many people have overcome depression and have gone on to lead a happy life following diagnosis. One of the factors that help is to spot the early warning signs of depression.

The warning signs of depression can be different for each individual, making it a complicated mental health condition. However, through research and observations, psychologists have been able to collate different signs and patterns they have noticed in patients preceding a full depression. Whether or not you have experienced depression in the past, you should seek help if you notice any of these signs.

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We must point out that depression is a lot easier to handle when tackled in its early stages.  If you notice any of these patterns listed below, please seek help from medical authorities, friends, parents, or guardians.

7 early warning signs of depression

7 early warning signs of depression and how to prevent them

Several factors, like a family history of depression, can put one at risk for depression. However, a family member with mental illness is not an automatic sentence; you will have to show several signs before a doctor can diagnose you with depression. They include the following:

1. Overwhelming helplessness as one of the early warning signs of depression

Conversation with depressed people reveals that they often go through a phase of overwhelming helplessness just before a major breakdown. What makes this challenging to report is that ups and downs are a part of life, and people may often wave it off as nothing or a passing phase.

However, a hopeless feeling that continues regardless of environmental changes is a common sign of depression. Sometimes, you may not feel sad altogether, but you may find that you do not share the same hope and enthusiasm about things like you used to.

2. Consistent fatigue as one of the early warning signs of depression

Depression doesn’t just put you in a terrible mood; there are physical symptoms of depression. Regular fatigue can be an indication of depression. To make sure, you should do an overall health check to make sure there are no other reasons for the loss of energy levels. If nothing else is detected, you should talk to someone about the possibility of depression.

3. Irritable feeling as one of the early warning signs of depression

If you find that you continuously get upset easily by even the slightest of things, it may be a warning sign of depression. Close companions to depressed patients had opened up about having to walk on eggshells around a depressed patient before their diagnosis.

Are you experiencing an imposing irritable feeling or know anyone who is, maybe it is time to consider the possibility of it being a symptom of depression?

4. An unexplained drastic change in appetite as one of the early warning signs of depression

Depression makes it difficult for patients to enjoy things they usually would. One of the most prominent is a response to food. An unexplained loss of appetite might be a warning sign of depression, especially after you may have tried to upgrade your menu and explored other foods. Some patients also reported an overindulgence in foods just before their diagnosis.

5. Sudden significant weight change as one of the early warning signs of depression

The change in appetite can quickly reflect in weight changes since what we eat accounts for our weight by up to 70%. A substantial change in your weight (gaining or losing) mainly resulting from an unexplained appetite change can be a sign of depression. The changes can also be as a result of continuously disturbed sleep pattern, which is also a symptom of depression.

6. Feeling tearful as one of the early warning signs of depression

Have you noticed yourself having a tearful breakdown at the slightest od things recently, or even crying about nothing in particular? An early sign of depression is feeling tearful without a reasonable explanation.

7. Social handicap as one of the early warning signs of depression

In many cases, social dysfunction is a symptom that close friends notice effortlessly. Depression can make a person socially handicapped; loosing social interpersonal skills, isolation, hating activities, and people that were formerly enjoyable, etc.

Everyone gets sad and moody now and then, but depression is different. It is not just a phase or a weekend sadness; depression is consistent. A doctor may ask how long you have been undergoing a symptom before diagnosing you. If any of the above signs seems like what you are going through, seek help. Depression can be managed and overcome if only you seek help.

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