Seven little known factors that could affect your mental health

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Are there any little known factors that could affect your mental health. Mental health is a topic that has become more openly discussed in recent years.

We can credit this to the fact that people are becoming aware of the effect it has on who we are and what we become. To put yourself in the right frame to live the life you want, it is important to look at protecting mental health and factors that could affect it.

Several daily activities affect mental health, from your social circle down to dieting. Being aware of these factors can help you be proactive about keeping a healthy mind. Do you want to be in the right frame of mind to live the life you want? Do you want to achieve your dreams?

Then perhaps it is time to start paying attention to your mental health and taking note of things that affect it.

To help you, we have put together seven factors that you may not realize are affecting your mental health. Don’t let any of these factors sneakily steal away your life, reclaim control.

7 little known factors that could affect your mental health


During discussions about mental health, it is easy to avoid or to downplay how much your financial status affects you. But, in a world of price tags where almost nothing is free anymore, your financial situation can be a secret thief to your focus and your joy.

Even obsessing about money is dangerous to your mental health. What helps is to have a sound financial plan and take some time out to appreciate the free things.

Health conditions

This is not just being sad because you are sick. Several health conditions have been linked to mental health, not only as a social consequence. Some health conditions may impair the brain’s ability to function optimally and release the necessary enzymes and chemicals to stay healthy. If you have any health condition, you may want to discuss the possibility of it affecting your mental health.


Even antidepressants can gradually damage your mental health. It is vital before you commence any medication to inquire about its side effects, both physically and psychologically. If you are on medication that may affect your mental health, discuss with your pharmacist on how to manage it. You may not necessarily have to stop the medication.


Everything you do daily from where you spend most of your time, to your daily habits and activities all include your lifestyle. Smoking, too much indoor time, shoddy work and family balance, etc. can all affect your mental health without you noticing. Simple tips can help you manage a lifestyle that promotes good mental health. E.g. Taking walks, quitting cigarettes, getting a pet and a plant, etc.


It is no secret that monotony can bore your mind. But, having boring routines isn’t just about missing out on a chance to go out with friends. It can impair your creativity, social skills, and have a detrimental effect on your mental health. Even if you love routines, it helps to break it up sometimes. Simple ways are by ordering something different at dinner, taking a different path to work, doing something fun, telling a joke, etc.

How you set your goals?

Who doesn’t want to be in a magazine as one of the most successful people? There is nothing wrong with having big dreams, but how you set your goals can stop you from achieving them. If you place too high expectations; if you fail to break the goals into simple objectives; if you set unreasonable time frames, etc. you may end up sabotaging your mental health.


The brain makes use of chemicals and compounds to perform its usual task, most of which it gets from what we eat and drink. So while it is fashionable to regulate what you eat to get a sexy waistline, you should prioritize taking enough nutrients for your brain. You might want to regulate the time you spend drinking down a bottle because alcohol is a culprit for damaging mental health.

In conclusion, tiny things you might be doing in your daily life may be sabotaging your mental health without you even knowing. Despite well-discussed factors, you should pay attention to these seven factors to make sure that you are proactive.

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