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Bodyweight Training – For Remarkable Health

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What is bodyweight training and what effect does it have on your health?

There are seven different types of strengths which are Agile strength, Strength endurance, Explosive strength, Maximum Strength, Starting Strength, Speed strength and Relative strength.

Going to the gym is something a lot of people do; that is due to the fact that most people want to gain muscle and once they gain muscle they can go look in a mirror for half an hour. There is nothing wrong with this.

I believe if you put in the hard work you can show off a bit because most people don’t put the hard work in. There are some people in the gym who have all the muscles in the world and they are able to bench press 200kg however they struggle to do five to ten push-ups.

Bodyweight Training for Maximal Strength

Usually, people go for maximal strength as it’s the one that boosts your ego to an all-time high and it’s the type of strength that is advertised the most. The reason why people aren’t able to do push-ups or pull-ups; is due to the fact they don’t work on there relative strength which is the ability to lift your own bodyweight.

Bodyweight training is always good for the body and it is something most people neglect. This is because the people who can do handstand push-ups and one-arm pull-ups are some of the most regular-looking people. In this article, I will tell you by committing to bodyweight training you can improve your health a lot. As it will help change your perspective on strength in general.

Bodyweight Training - For Remarkable Results

The first benefit to bodyweight training is the fact that you can literally do it anywhere. It is something that is so natural for example you could use the top of the crossbar of the goalpost to do pull-ups and chin-ups. You could use a chair to do tricep dips. You would only need a wall if you want to do handstand push-ups or you literally can do push-ups in any space that fits your body.

Due to the fact that the world can be your training; you are not spending any money on getting stronger. The money that is used on going to the gym can be used on different things that can improve your health.

An example is using the money towards eating healthier which is something most people generally struggle with. It also gives you no excuses as bodyweight training can be done anywhere and a workout doesn’t have to belong; you only need twenty minutes to get a good workout in.

Bodyweight training also helps you with life in general because bodyweight training is very functional it includes a lot of the things you do in life. Whether this is running or jumping you are using your whole body and speaking of using your whole body.

The one body part that is so important to general movement is the core. The core is so important when you do bodyweight training because it is literally participating in every single exercise that you take part in.

Bodyweight Training - For Remarkable Results

 There are many positives to isolation training maybe you have a weak body part and you need it to be stronger or maybe you want to show off your body so you just work out your chest. However, when you are doing isolation training your body is locked in one position which is something that doesn’t happen within bodyweight training.

By constantly using your core it will naturally strengthen you. It will also decrease the chance that you can get injured there are several other benefits to having a strong core. Another example is that you will have a much better posture.

This sounds simple but you will be much better at putting on your socks or turning to look behind, and you won’t have to worry about the bad back and having a good core means you can play sports to a much higher level and frequency.

Another misconception about bodyweight training is that you can’t build any muscle with bodyweight training which is a straight-up lie. You won’t be able to build muscle like a bodybuilder due to the fact that they break more of there muscle fibres.

However, when you are doing bodyweight training you are still lifting your own body weight which is still weight. Also, you are working on several different muscles in one exercise. For example, in a push up you are working the chest, deltoids and triceps. Mechanical tension is when you lift a weight to build lean muscle.

Bodyweight training also develops your balance and flexibility and this is due to the fact that you will use your body to balance yourself which improves the stability muscles. Some weight training exercises are very complex and it can take a long time to learn and if done incorrectly can lead to painful injuries however bodyweight exercises are very simple to learn.

Bodyweight Training - For Remarkable Results

Something that is connected to bodyweight training in terms of the fact that you don’t need any specialized equipment is running. When we are kids we love to run and that energy as we grow older seems to slowly disappear. Running is a great way of improving your health whether you do steady-state cardio or you do HITT training which is much more intense than the steady-state cardio.

Steady-state cardio is less intense that HITT training but it is longer so, for example, you could go on a one hour run. However, HITT training is way more intense and it consists of you changing your speed during your workout. So you might Sprint for twenty-five seconds, walk for fifteen sec and jog for twenty sec.

Doing more training will mean you will be much fitter and much better at doing the everyday things that we take for granted; doing these kinds of exercises will mean your heart will develop making sure you will live for longer.

Bodyweight training can be very fun and it is something that more people should do and I hope this article gives you a different perspective on bodyweight training.

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