Screen Time for Kids – 15 Proven Ways To Cut

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Technology and modernization have taken ‘addiction’ to a whole new level. Especially for parents, it has become the toughest war to abstain the kids from ruinous screen rays.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics says the cravings for screen time among children is rapidly accelerating due to smartphones, gaming devices, and other touchscreen-based devices. According to surveys, sometime this addiction insists to forsake sleep and harm the nervous system.

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Well, there are solutions as well! Nothing but reducing the screen time for your children may lessen the chances of damages and addiction. Here are 15 ways to help you keep away your children from electronic devices.

Screen Time for Kids - 15 Proven Ways To Cut

Set limited shows

Children often set their eyes on Television or Laptop and enjoy shows back to back. Reduce the number of shows according to their significance following your kid’s priority list. Lesser the number of shows, the lesser the screen time.

Create a family media plan

Make a family media plan according to the family lifestyle so the TV gets turned on and off for a specific period of time only. This inherently puts limits on your kid’s screen time. You can get help from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Family Media Plan for planning guidance.

Be a keen observer

Observe and note the exact time your kid spends on screens so that you can analyze the pattern and put proper limits on them.

No screen time before bed

It is vital to detach your children from electronic devices during the last hour before bed. It reaches severe harm to kids’ eyesight to use Phone or Laptop before bedtime.

Avoid TV in the bedroom

Try not to place the Television or Desktop in the bedroom because the bed and TV/Desktop can be the ultimate comfort zone for a kid. So keeping the television in the living room might help at reducing screen time.

Construct a ticket system to reduce screen time

Create a ticket system for your kids to define the exact amount of screen time they have on a regular basis. Have some fun activities or other incentive-based initiatives to provide them with extra tickets weekly.

Keep devices out of reach to reduce screen time

When you are not home, try keeping devices hidden or out of reach. Being out for a day might give your child a whole day watching so it’s anyway better to remain the devices out of their reach.

Engage other activities to reduce screen time

Try engaging your kid into other activities (like crafting or playing games) on a regular basis that keeps them away from electronic gadgets and devices.

No TV on play dates to reduce screen time

Try not to allow any television time when it is the game day. Mark your calendar the game dates at the beginning of the month and announce the ‘No Television’ condition for those dates to your kids. Keep the kids busy with outdoor games and other activities during these dates for the entire day.

Involve in games with kids

It is always a healthy option to get engaged with your kids through games. Take them to fields & parks and involve yourself playing several games with kids. Outdoor games and park visits are the healthiest way to keep your children engaged. Such activities are healthy and significantly reduces screen time.

Talk about the bad impact of screens

Let your kids know how the screen rays affect the nervous system and how to control the screen time. Also, try discussing the potential danger that may be caused by the excessive use of electronic goods. Making conversations about bad impacts will always raise awareness among children.

Car rides and weekends

Take your kids for long drives and visit outskirts of the town on weekends. It can interrupt your kid’s TV addiction for a while whereas sitting at home at weekends may get them inclined to TV and computers.

Talk to your children!

Shut down the TV or Laptop and make conversation with your children. Tell a story or read aloud a book. Engaging kids in friendly long conversation is always helpful to restrain them from TV or phone screen time.

Storybooks and comic strips to reduce screen time

Comic strips are something that children certainly enjoy and same goes with storybooks. The habit of reading books, comics and newspaper or magazine clips will certainly eliminate screen time before bed.

Set game limits

Games can be the most addictive thing for children. So make a schedule containing names of games and time to spend on for each of them on a weekly basis so that the screen time doesn’t exceed.

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