Stay Active Past 65 – 10 Proven Ways

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Staying active is important at any age. Especially to stay active past 65 means having a stronger body, which can guarantee a longer life.

For people past 65, coping with a number of changes and transitions such as loss of loved ones, children moving away, relocation, retirement etc, can be difficult and can affect their overall well-being. However, if that sense of loss is substituted with positive ingredients and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle then one is a step away from ageing gracefully.

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Below are the 10 best ways to help you stay active and maintain both physical and emotional health irrespective of your age. 

Exercise to Stay Active Past 65

Exercising helps to burn off calories and increase overall energy level. It is advisable to engage in aerobic exercise because it raises the heart rate for like 10 minutes at a time. Exercises such as walking, easy jogging, swimming dancing, etc. are good for the body and for people suffering from joint pains, aquatic exercise or stationary cycle is can help reduce the stress on the joint.

Engage in Mental Exercise to Stay Active Past 65

As we age, our ability to remember things becomes gradually diminishing, and this can be upsetting as people tend to think it is a sign of dementia. Engaging in mental exercise helps the brain to be mentally active and challenges the brain to activate processes that help maintain individual brain cell and stimulate communication among them.

Engage in Mental Exercise to Stay Active Past 65

Never Stop Learning to Stay Active Past 65

Learning a new skill or pursuing a hobby can help keep the memory strong. Research new subject, pick up an old-neglected hobby, join a book club, or even write the story of your life. In addition, playing chess and other games can actually help to prevent cognitive decline and memory problems.   

Travelling to Stay Active Past 65

Travelling is another interesting form of staying active. It reduces stress and boosts happiness. Travelling goes a long way in broadens one’s horizons and creates memories that will remain with you for a lifetime. You can choose to travel to somewhere new, go on a weekend trip or places you have never visited. 

Write a Story

Writing is an expressive art. You can choose to write a play or about your life experiences. Writing helps you clear your mind and recollect memories. Writing about your life experiences can serve as a form of motivation for others and helps you appreciate what you have and the life you have lived. 

Connect with Support Group

One of the problems older people face is losing touch with their loved ones or support group. Retirement is also another big factor that can take away people that are once close to us away. Having a support group to keep your company as you age can cure loneliness, depression, and loss.

Volunteering a Way to Stay Active Past 65

Volunteering is another way of staying active and avenue to giving back to society. It is also an avenue to meeting new people and strengthening social bonds. There are several ways to get involved as a volunteer while people with problems of mobility can do that through the phone. 

Healthy Eating to Stay Active Past 65

Healthy eating is the key to maintaining a healthier life. Therefore, eating foods that are low in calories and rich in nutrients helps keeps the body in shape. Foods like fibre, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains boost the immune system and prevent the body from chronic and non-communicable diseases

Get Enough Sleep to Stay Active Past 65

Of course, it is frequent to hear adults complain of sleep problems such as insomnia, daytime sleepiness and not getting enough sleep during the night. Developing healthy sleep habits can automatically reduce sleep problems. Research shows that getting rid of the noise, and artificial light for at least an hour to bedtime helps better sleep. Music Make your bedroom dark and cool.

Water Therapy to Stay Active Past 65

Apart from making up about three-quarters of our body composition, water plays a vital role in our bodily functions. Drinking enough water prevents dehydration and helps eliminates toxins out of the body. It repairs cells and helps the skin glow. One and a half litres of water early in the morning rejuvenate and energize the body for the day.

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