A day I will never forget.

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I can still remember it like it all happened just yesterday. My mama was just talking about the baby we were all waiting to be delivered. Aba, on the other hand, was suspecting that he had a stomach ulcer. I could barely sleep, it was hot! “How can I even be able to fall asleep?” a thought that lasted 5 seconds …

I was awoken by my father’s calls. He was holding mama. She looked pale. Aba said that mama felt like giving birth. I thought they were just dramatic. “Call Kakak Aini”, he said referring to my aunt who was a nurse. Hesitantly, I got up. Reaching the phone, I felt water on my feet. My mother was started groaning. My father suggested calling an ambulance. “Eww! Why is there water on the floor? And it was slimy” I said disgustedly.  “Julie (mama) is that your water bag?” aba asked knowing that it was too late. Despite that aba dressed up/ After he was done, almost immediately mama started screaming. I have never heard my mother scream such a blood-curdling scream. I held her head, as she lied down on the bed, with tears rolling down my cheek. I followed her and too started to scream. Aba and Fardin (my little brother) were on the opposite, then suddenly, Fardin looked and screamed. Aba did the same. “Baby coming!” he shouted. The baby’s head was out. Aba asked mama to gently push. I started getting sweaty. Then, I heard baby cries…

The baby was out! I looked at Him, my eyes widened. “Check if he is breathing. Just in case, ” asked aba. I put my finger under his nose. I felt tiny breaths. I slowly nodded. The ambulance, which was on the way, finally arrived. The paramedics came into the house. The cut the umbilical cord and then both mama and baby together with aba went to the hospital. As for me and Fardin, we were still traumatised by the incident. We went to our grand mother’s house to spend the night after that. This happened on the 14th of April 2019 at 3 AM.

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