Oct, 2018 – Solve These Math Problems

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We are introducing tough math riddles and problems for you to solve. Some of them have appeared in previous math Olympiads and some we created.

We will publish 5 tough math problems every two weeks. You will have a week to solve these problems and submit answers. The first person to solve all 5 problems with correct explanation will receive a prize of value equivalent to US 10 as a token of appreciation.

You will have to email us the answers. You can discuss ways to solve the problems in comments. However, you may not provide the solution in the comments. The correct solution and the results of the winner will be displayed after the first week. Only the first person to solve all 5 will be awarded. We hope you will enjoy these problems.

Question 1. Solve the system of equation:

Question 2AB is four times as much as CD and EB is four times as little as FD. What is AB+CD+EB+FD

Question 3. There are two types of frogs. The first frog is red in color and the second blue in color. Three hops of a red frog equals five hops of a blue frog. It takes a red frog the same amount of time to make four hops as it takes a blue frog to make seven hops. Which of the frogs moves faster? Explain your answer.

Question 4In Samantha’s class, there are 28 students besides her. Each of the 28 has a different number of friends in the class. How many friends does Samantha have in this class? Explain your answer.

Question 5Two girls and several boys take part in a chess tournament. The two girls together scored eight points. The scores of boys are equal. How many boys took part in the tournament?

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