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Part 60 – Vocabulary Cloze (Level 6)

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The following is an English Language usage quiz. The difficulty level for the quiz is equivalent to that of Level 6 (or Primary 6) students. For each question choose the correct answer from the given choices.

Read the following passage and answer the 5 questions. For each question choose the correct word(s) closest in meaning to the words in bold.

NOTE: The following paragraph had been adapted from Ned’s circus of Marvels by Justin Fisher.

No matter how well she hid, they would always find her. Her breathing was heavy and her legs ached from the chase. She had to think fast. Any minute now, they would (1) catch up with her. She could not outrun them. By the time she made it to the fence, they would have caught her and if they did, there was no hope of keeping the secret.

Looking out at the river, she felt some hope. If she could make it to the ladder in time, she might get high enough and escape (2) unnoticed. She climbed the ladder quickly and quietly with her dark robes as a (3) perfect cover under the pitch dark sky. Finally, she slowed down. The same two men that had tracked her since the beginning, one short and the other impossibly tall, were (4) carefully checking their new surroundings. In no time they had located and (5) directed their attention at their target. They moved fast, climbing with the skill of a spider.

Part 60 – Vocabulary Cloze (Level 6)

Definition of cloze according to Miriam-Webster

: of, relating to, or being a test of reading comprehension that involves having the person being tested supply words which have been systematically deleted from a text.

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