Horror Stories – Old Police Academy

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Horror Stories – Old Police Academy (Singapore)

This story was told by my brother’s friend, who has to serve his NS at the Old Police Academy. In Singapore, some are enlisted to go Police National Service, apart from the army. There was one Thursday night, where my brother’s friend, was tossing in bed. It was about 1 plus am in the morning. Just as he was about to doze off, he heard the creaking sound of the wooden door. He could make out 2 dark figures: a lady and a little girl. For a moment, puzzle engulfed him as there was no females allowed in the vicinity. The 2 figures went to every bed and stood for a while, looking at those sleeping… “Mum, this person is sleeping.” They moved to the next bed. “Mum, this person is sleeping.” It went on….till they came to my brother’s friend, “Mum, this person is still awake,”. That was when my brother’s friend screamed and passed out. When he regained consciousness, all his bunk mates were surrounding him. He looked as pale as sheet. He only told this story to the rest of his bunk mates the very next day.

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