4 Major Emerging Trends in AI

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From making temporal appearances on Sci-fi movies to gaining integration into the operational framework of enterprises, artificial intelligence has emerged from an obscure concept in the last century to an integral part of 21st-century society.

The reason for this is not farfetched – we have become a data accumulating world.

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Why has AI become such an important part of today’s world? It’s simple: we have much more data than we can ever make sense of in the next 100 years and without a way to make sense of this humongous pile of data we have accumulated, this data behemoth is never going to make sense. AI helps us makes sense of this data in a way that increases the quality of our lives. How will AI change in the future? Let’s look at emerging trends in AI. 

Increased Ubiquity 

Although artificial intelligence has grown substantially, the present reality is a tiny actualization of what is possible. Recent approaches in the enterprise world indicate a push towards ubiquity. If you follow advancements in the AI realm closely, you’d be able to tell that one of the emerging trends in AI is towards ubiquity. And this approach is only going to get more aggressive as enterprises push towards more AI-powered operations.

But it’s not just in the enterprise world, AI is also gaining significant integration into many facets of our lives. Ever thought of how your favourite music app makes recommendations based on your preferences? 

Mixed Reality with AI

Among various emerging trends in AI, another formidable trend is combining AI with Mixed Reality (MR). AI has risen from sci-fi imaginations to reality and now seeks a return to the path that defined its early days, but not in the exact form. This time AI is teaming up with virtual reality and augmented reality in a phenomenon that has been defined as mixed reality.

The pace at which virtual reality and augmented reality are defining the social and gaming realm will require an increased integration with AI. Whatever that brings, you surely want to know how it turns out. 

The Matrimony of AI and Block-chain

The integration of AI with block-chains has been one of the best matrimonies in the tech space. AI has proved to be a revolutionary innovation and block-chain, without doubt, is one of the most disruptive innovations of our time. As you can probably guess, this matrimony will lead to a generation of revolutionary progenies. 

Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things

IoT has the power to gather data and AI has the power to make sense of data. The potential for the convergence of these two innovations is huge, especially for enterprises.  You can tell that the point at which both artificial intelligence and internet of things converged was definitely the set-off of a revolutionary force. This force is only going to gain more potency.

Whether it’s the matrimony of AI with block-chains or its integration with virtual reality and augmented reality or more AI in IoT, it all boils down to a simple premise: AI will grow by leaps and bounds and gain integration into many facets of our lives.