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7 Reasons to Avoid Toxic People

Toxic people are everywhere and being nasty seems to be on the rise today. Practically everyone likes to diss someone or the other for reasons best known to them. There is constructive criticism but toxicity is another ballgame entirely. Let us examine why it makes perfect sense to avoid toxic people.

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7 Reasons to Avoid Toxic People

7 Reasons to Avoid Toxic People

Get out of Your Comfort Zone of Toxic People

If you revel in being around people who do not bring you up, stay put. If you like being around positive people, get out of the toxic group(s) immediately. It does take time to get out of your comfort zone, but being around positive people is the best bet. Alternatively, if people shun you because you were once toxic, go solo. Eventually, you will be sought after by the positive many.

Do Toxic People Bring Something Relevant to the Table?

A toxic person usually reduces anything towards a false narrative. To put it in perspective, would you like to soil your tongue, just for likes and shares? If you do not have a toxic bone in your body, opt for the journey of positivity. You have a choice here. If you bring something concrete to the table by not causing someone to cringe you are free from the toxic mess. 

You Can be the Next Target of Toxic People

We as a species do tend to move toward the negative. If you find yourself in the midst of people or an individual who is sour all the time and has a mean bone in her/his body, get out immediately. Remember that a toxic person can turn on you, anytime. Keep your guard up because once the individual has lost interest in dissing others, you will be on her/his radar. 

Toxic People Tear Reputations to Shreds Just for a Mere Guffaw

Toxic people think that their wit comes from an amazing brain. Sure, sometimes toxic humour brings out the guffaws, but toxic people are bullies. They thrive on the negative as they tear people to shreds. If the shoe was on the other foot, would they be standing tall? If you are the target, don’t fall into the pit of negativity. Maintain your decorum, hold your head up high. Ultimately, what goes around will come around and bite the individual where the sun doesn’t shine.

Blood is not Always Thicker than Water

When toxicity has its bearings close home – a family member or a relative that is another problem. If you are at the receiving end of barbs by relatives, for reasons best known to them, it is not only terrible but nasty. If your family stands by you, great if not, learn to develop a thick hide. As the years go by, drop them. You will be free from the toxicity they emit.

The Contagion of Toxicity

Unfortunately, toxicity is contagious. If you remain in the company of a toxic person, you may end up becoming negative yourself. If you do not revel in the negative, take stock, and make the right choice. Remember that nothing good comes out of being negative, anyway. But being positive has huge advantages.

Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

When you notice something toxic occurring and have the ability to speak out, do so, do not remain mute. Speak your mind and free yourself and others from people who thrive on negativity. As you move on mentally, emotionally, physically, psychologically and even spiritually of toxic people, you will be in a better place. It takes time, but you get there. Get help, if required. 

Eventually, for your peace of mind, you need to avoid toxic people. It is the best way forward. Or, you can become toxic, the choice is yours. 

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