A Misadventure

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A Misadventure – Short Story, by Amira Akhtar

The wind was blowing rapidly as the clouds covered the scorching sun that was making it hot and humid. The sun was blasting its rays towards the earth. Mark was taking a stroll in the park and was bored so, he dialled his friends to ask whether they would play with him. They regretfully said no so he had to play with himself. Mark dreaded playing by himself but that was it.

While he was strolling in the park, he found something old and rubbery. He picked it up. ‘It’s a slingshot!’ he muttered to himself eagerly. He was flabbergasted by how it looked and felt as he had never seen or touched one before. You could even tell by how old it looked. “Ha! Something good to play with!” he whispered to himself with excitement.

Mark looked at it for some time eyes wide open before deciding to run back home and test a few shots. He tested a few shots before looking around to hit something. Mark finally decided to hit a colourful bird which had all the primary colours. He did not realise that it was crouching on the new window that was bought by his new neighbour, Mr Lee. Mark aimed recklessly. Before he could laugh it off, ‘Crash!’. The expensive window which had just bought by Mr Lee shattered into millions of pieces before his eyes! What would his new neighbour think of Mark? Mark stared in horror as if someone had just poked a knife through his chest. Open-mouthed, he heard footsteps. Out came Mr Lee looking as angry as ever.

Shouting in the most horrific voice, he yelled,” What did you do?”. Mark could hear his heart pounding faster and faster. Sweat started to form and then he was perspiring from head to toe. He stood there as still as a statue that was trying to find his voice. Finally, he summoned up his courage and mumbled the words which made Mr Lee felt sorry and made his day, “I’m sorry”. Mr Lee softened his face and asked Mark whether he could sweep it all up. Mark volunteered to help. Mark swept until the floor was spick and span. Mr Lee felt thankful and was tired so he did not give Mark a lecture but told him to be more careful.

After that, Mark apologised sincerely and promised never to do it again. Every time Mr Lee walked past, he would always feel a rush of embarrassment flow through him. He always kept his promise and never forgot the indelible experience. He still regrets it but still has his old fashioned beautiful and unforgettable slingshot hanging on his cupboard this very moment. Although he doesn’t play with it anymore as he is scared that an incident will happen again, it still brings back a lot of memories

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