A Special Gift

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Snow covered my yard.

It had come from the north, driven by the night’s 

wind. It smelled of the sea. There it would stay. Not thawing or freezing but static. Like a year without seasons. I sighed. I stared out of my golden rimmed window. Sitting on a red armchair, I was already missing the warmth of the sun. The sun shining brilliantly in the azure blue sky. Leaning against the comfort of my comfy chair, I tugged my jacket just like how a smile tugged at my lips as my fingers traced the crimson red words on my mug that made it even more special. The words ‘Best Friends’ stood out. Slowly, I sipped its contents while recalling the memories of my best friend still etched in my heart…

The sun rose in a pool of crimson gold, spilling light all over the land. I stared out of my bedroom window at the sapphire blue sky. The sun shone brilliantly showing off its beautiful glow. I soaked in the atmosphere. It had been pouring and wet for days. Now, the sun is out. I happily hummed as a slight breeze blew against my cheek. I lied down again. Suddenly, a ring stirred me. Grabbing my phone, I stared at the notification. A message? Trying to process the words, I stared blankly at my phone screen. A frown creased my forehead before a smile replaced it. 

“Mom, I’m heading out!”, I yelled before entering the bathroom.

I was in a happy mood. I had, of course, planned to be. I looked up at the calm sky. Little did I know this was only the calm, before the storm…

I looked at Amy curiously. Heaving a sigh, she then broke the silence between us.

We were in a cafe. It had started drizzling, to my dismay. What happened after, upset me even more. Amy was a shy girl. That was my first impression of her. It still is. However, after getting to know her, she is really a fun person to be around. She had striking black hair, contrasting to her pale face. 

“Belinda…”, she started.

I sat up straight. Something was off. What was it? Ah yes. Amy never called me by my real name. Bel, was what she always called me by. I somehow knew, there was going to be bad news.

“Belinda, I am going overseas next month”, she said.

I chuckled. Amy’s family was always travelling. This was not a surprise. 

Amy shook her head.

“We are going to live there. My father got a new job there”, a sad smile forming on her lips. 

I was speechless. What could I say? It was as if a knife had pierced through my heart, almost shredding it. I stared at Amy. My best friend for over a decade. Ever since pre-school, it was Amy who stayed by my side. Never a dull moment with her. My hands trembled before they were comforted by Amy’s. She smiled. It was then I started sobbing.

I never took our relationship for granted.

The day arrived. The dreaded day. The day Amy was leaving. The day started with a bright weather, to my dismay. I had somehow hoped the flight could be delayed. Maybe even cancelled. Alas, my hopes were crushed. I bolted towards Amy. Embracing her, tears coarsed freely down my chubby cheeks. A sob escaped my mouth. 

“Bel”, Amy said.

In her hand, rested a mug wrapped in clear plastic with a silky ribbon tying it. The words ‘Best Friends’ highlighted it. I smiled, as I gingerly held it. I gave her my gift before she left. My gaze rested upon the mug again. It looked plain and quite dull. But… I brought it towards my chest. 

It was a special gift to me.

Suddenly, my mother’s voice jolted me awake. It was time for bed. Carrying the mug, I headed to the kitchen. I carefully washed it before heading to bed. 

That night, the moon nestled comfortably among the stars. The moon looked abnormally large that night. I wondered what Amy was doing. Where was she? The wind entered through my open window. I hoped the gentle breeze would carry my questions to my best friend. I fell into a deep slumber, lulled by the warmth of friendship. 

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