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CFP Simulator

CPF Simulator

This CPF Simulator simulates the CPF accounts based on publicly available information. You can use this simulator to optimise your CPF account outputs by comparing and contrasting across multiple simulation runs.

You can run the CPF simulator multiple times with different names and different inputs, and then you can compare the account outputs based on the inputs you keyed in.

CPF Simulator – version 2.0

Basic Inputs

Key in the basic parameters needed for the simulation.

Starting Account Balance

Enter your CPF account balances. You can find this information from your CPF account.

BHS & FRS Rates of Increase

Enter the expected growth rate of the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) and the Full Retirement Sum (FRS). A growth rate of 3-4% is a good choice.


Enter the deductions from your CPF accounts. Typically this will be for housing, Medishield premium, ElderShield premium, Dependent Protection Scheme (DPS) premium and Home Protection Scheme (HPS) premium. By default, all these values are set to zero. You can change this and key in the exact amount, and the month it is deducted from your CPF.

Allow OA to SA Transfer

Finally, indicate whether or not you would allow the CPF simulator to automatically transfer your ordinary account balance to your special account until your FRS is reached. You can compare your CPF outputs based on allowed or not allowed settings. Try yourself and see the various outputs of the simulator. By default, this value is set to false.

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