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How To Get A Conversation Going? Some Ideas

How To Get A Conversation Going? Ok, I get it, not everyone has the gift of the gab. Some people are subtle in their approach as they make the first move, while others can establish an easy banter with an absolute stranger at the get. A good many, however, cannot even bring themselves to smile. Here are some thoughts and suggestions as to how to get a conversation going.

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How To Get A Conversation Going?


Talk about the weather. This is the most convenient of them all when you are at a loss for words but have to do something about that shyness. It also helps break the monotony in a dry climate so silent that all you want to do is get a conversation going. Try with, ‘Isn’t the weather awfully dull today?’ and go from there, you are bound to get a response. Or not, maybe just a smile. That is fine, at least you tried. Pat yourself on the back.

Guffaw or Giggle

There is nothing quite like a joke to break the ice. I remember this silly something I heard and it goes like this – a guy walks up to a girl in a bar. He drops some ice on the ground and as it shatters, he says, ‘now that I have broken the ice how about we get to know each other?’ I’m not endorsing a hook up here, just establishing facts on getting a conversation going. ☺ You can use this method, which is quite funny, random and does work when you just want to make a friend! Or friends with benefits.  Break the ice!

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The Price of Potatoes

The older generation is very comfortable talking about the prices of vegetables, meat or anything in general. Heck, we can learn a thing or two from the seniors. Using this as a medium to kickstart a conversation works wonders. By talking about this basic problem, you will be amazed at where the conversation goes. You can start a conversation in the aisle of the supermarket, at the fish shop, social media, anywhere. Given that most people, even the upper echelon, can get cranky and annoyed at skyrocketing prices, this is a great conversation starter. Mom knows best.

Laugh and the World Laughs with You

Naturally, when you are want to get into a conversation with someone who interests you, find a common denominator, or the person is going to scoot faster than the speed of light! In my opinion, a joke gets the party started. You will either get a laugh out of the individual or have to contend with a bored expression. If you get a positive response, get going mate, take it from there, conversationally speaking, you can make a friend for life. Get the party started.

Similar Interests

Sports, fashion, entertainment, celebrity storylines, are topics that are common and evince interest. Talk about a game or an online store that plays host to myriad brands under one umbrella. Alternatively, get the conversation going about the amazing range of clothes and makeup by Kim Kardashian or Rihanna, or whatever strikes your fancy. That should be a conversation starter. 

How To Get A Conversation Going?

Topics that are Best Left Avoided


is usually a bad idea to start with since you don’t know the individual, her/his opinion, so why rake up a crazy mess. That said, you can talk about rules enforced by the current dispensation. Either you are going to like the response or not. Ergo, as a topic, politics is best left for debates or with people with the same point of view, in a friends circle, or family. Avoid talking politics.


Religion is another topic that should never be introduced with a stranger. It is personal. You are bound to get a host of reactions that you are not prepared for, so as an unwritten rule, it is way better to keep your religiosity to yourself. You may have immense faith, which is great, but let’s face it, people out there belong to other denominations, or are not religious. Avoid the topic of religion.


Sexuality and its advantages are not topics to get into a conversation with a stranger – nope. I don’t think most people are open to conversations with a stranger about sex and its various connotations.  In general, I believe not many want to be put on the spot. It is better to keep it on the down-low. Sex ain’t a random topic.

Points cited above are not mandates, go with the flow. At the end of it all, a healthy topic always keeps the conversation going. 

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