My Thoughts on Leadership

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What is Leadership? The act of serving others and guiding them to the right path. To lead basically. I am a prefect in my school and I can safely say that I am passionate about leading. I don’t think leading is having the authority to boss others around. It is nothing like that. In fact, I see leadership as an opportunity to not only help yourself but others too. To guide others. I definitely think that leadership is important and that everyone can be a leader. 


I think that everyone can be a leader. Of course, if you want to lead others, you first have to lead yourself. If you were to be a leader, you would need to have the drive to help others. And this is where values come in. Especially during this period, the on-going COVID-19, all the more leadership should come in. We should start taking the initiative to lead. The least we could do is to try our best to help prevent the spread from one person to another. How do we do this?

Simple. Wear our masks correctly, maintain social-distancing, and we are good to go.

Discipline plays an important role in this. Although we may be tempted to just pull off that mask, don’t. Sure, the number of cases in Singapore may have gone down, but some countries are facing a second wave of COVID-19. Just because the number of our cases have gone down, does not mean that we can slack and go back to our used-to-be routines.

As a prefect, I often see students my age not wearing their masks properly. The right thing to do is, of course, remind them. This brings me back to my topic. Leading can be as simple as giving a reminder. Remind them in order to lead them in the right path. Everyone can play a part. During this pandemic, we are not individuals but rather one. Who knew that a crisis could have been an opportunity to unite us. I strongly suggest that we all try to lead. Be it yourselves, or others.

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