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Photosynthesis is a process by which plants make their food. Plants use light energy from the sun, converting water and carbon dioxide into glucose (sugar) and oxygen.

Mindmap of Photosynthesis
Mindmap of Photosynthesis

Plant leaves have a special pigment called chlorophyll, which helps them absorb sunlight.

The process happens in the plant leaves, where tiny pores called stomata allow carbon dioxide to enter and oxygen to exit. Chlorophyll in the leaves captures the energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy. This energy breaks the water molecules apart into oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen is released into the air as a byproduct, while the hydrogen is used to help create glucose.

Photosynthesis is very important for all living things because it produces oxygen, which is needed for us to breathe, and it provides food for animals and humans. Without photosynthesis, life on Earth would not be possible!

Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light Energy (inputs) -> Glucose/Sugar + Oxygen (Products or outputs)

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Discussion Question

Plants use heat energy from the Sun as a source of energy for photosynthesis. Do you agree with the statement? Discuss with your partner.


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