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Revealed 7 Lifestyle Changes to Manage Stress

In this post, you will find 7 lifestyle changes to manage stress better.

Everyone feels stressed at some time or the other but when it becomes a problem, what should you do, go to the doctor, or try managing it on your own? Honestly, the best advice is to head over to the doc before your stress levels peak, or you will be in serious trouble. Let us look at how stress can be managed once you have seen the doctor and took her/his advice.

Stop overthinking things

Life is meant to be lived and lived happily. No one is happy all that time, I get that, but what will it cost you to laugh at something silly. Laughter, as we know it, is perhaps one of the best medicines available. And given that practically every fourth person is highly strung, a dose of laughter every day is a great remedy.

Learn to be appreciative

Is someone reigning on your parade? Join the club! There are more people out there who pat themselves on the back for the stupidest reasons. What if you were to do the same and be appreciative about yourself instead of getting annoyed with the person who belittles you?

Think about it, aren’t you happy with something that you have done, for the day? Even if you have slapped some cheese on a slice of bread, be appreciative, you did it, instead of ordering in!

Cut back, save and be careful

Is your bank balance playing truant with you? Same here. Do something, work more, and cut back if necessary. Most of us have this habit of buying stuff that we don’t really need and hoard them, for a rainy day.

But there are expiry dates for everything, and excessive spending is going to get you in serious debt. Cut back, save and be careful, if there are other problems, balance the equation. 

Start eating right

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Stress - Start eating right

Eating right is necessary. With vast varieties of food available, pigging out on junk food is a norm. The problem arises when too much of a good thing causes stress levels to peak, homecooked food is also to blame here. The cocktail of binging, not eating right, crazed eating habits, ensures that stress will spiral out of control.

That said, if you need a cheat’s day out after following a rigorous diet and exercise program, a slice of chocolate cake will make your day! Just limit the quantity.


Exercise is workable whether you believe it or not. Make an effort. Go out and smell the roses, get some fresh air with a brisk walk. If you prefer a gym go there already. Better still try some stretches at home. It will make you feel great as the adrenaline pumps. Increase the tempo and dance your cares away. You will feel good and your mind will calm down. Nothing quite like it is what I say.

Be decisive

Make a list of what caused you to stress out in the first place. If your job makes you unhappy do something. But, if the market has tanked you may have to stay put. Look at the positives of the firm and stay away from petty office politics. However, if there is more to the story, be decisive, indecision is too much stress.

Cut back from lousy relationships

Lousy relationships or friendships cause serious damage. If you are unhappy, speak out. Make a choice if you are unduly stressed out, you need peace of mind. A change of environment does wonders.

When you are free from something or someone that does not bring out the best in you, you will be happier. When you need some time away from negativity, get going stat. 

There you have it, if you are stressed out, you can manage it. Stress is one of the chief causes of hypertension. The solution lies in being positive even when everything around you seems bizarre. Once you cut back on negativity, stress will not pin you down. Life is not a bed of roses, for most of us, but to be stressfree, we have to work on it, daily.  This is my take. 

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