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About Faramira

Shamim Akhtar

Shamim Akhtar

A committed and optimistic professional who brings a passion for helping motivate, guide and mentor young students into their transition to the Industry and reshaping their careers for a fulfilling future.

I am Senior Lecturer and Manager for Immersive Media & Game Development at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

I enjoy coding, developing games and writing tutorials. Visit my GitHub to see the projects I am working on right now. 

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This site contains no affiliations and no ads. All content is for free and is provided as-is for educational purposes.

In-depth Tutorials

My game development tutorials are in-depth and very descriptive. I cover all aspects of the topic related to the tutorial. If you have a topic you would want me to address, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Guest Articles

I allow guest articles under the Opinion section of this site. The author gets the full credit for their publication. If you are interested in publishing an article, do get in touch with me.

Detailed, fast-loading, clutter-free, no funny popups, and complete Tutorials

Pathfinding Using C# in Unity

In this four-part series of tutorials, I go in-depth to solving the pathfinding problem using C# in Unity.

Pathfinding is the plotting of the most optimal route between two points by a computer application. The most optimal path is usually associated with identifying the course that best meets the problem’s objective. It could be finding the shortest, the cheapest, the fastest, or other criteria defined by the problem between two points in an extensive network of points.

Creating a Jigsaw Puzzle Game in Unity

In this four-part tutorial series, I go in-depth to show how to create a jigsaw puzzle game using C# in Unity. We start with the basics of the Bezier curve, implement Bezier curves in Unity, then move on to creating jigsaw tiles from an existing image using the Bezier curve, then to create a jigsaw board from an image and then finally create the jigsaw game in Unity.

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