Singapore Horror Stories – Pulau Tekong

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Horror Stories – Pulau Tekong (Singapore)

My brother experienced this when he was serving his National Service (NS) in year 2000. In Singapore, it is mandatory for every Singaporean male to undergo NS training. The initial phase of the training called Basic Military Training (BMT) took place at an island called Pulau Tekong, a forested area. It, being located at the eastern part of Singapore, is also considered to be a haunted place. It is only accessible by army personnel and officers undergoing training. At night, there was once whereby they had to go for night marching.

Now, after the marching in the forest, the leader of the group will do a headcount to ensure all the army boys are present before they call it a day. So each person will start to count…starting with the 1st one..1 , 2, 3  and so on…On that night, my brother used to be the last person on the line. The counting took place. My brother was the 1st……and that was supposed to be the last count. However, somebody behind him shouted 11th. Even the leader could hear it. He did not dare to turn but he said he felt a presence behind him and was sure there was somebody there. “Who is playing a fool?” bellowed the sergeant. He demanded another headcount. The same thing happened. Sensing something was amiss, the sergeant led them to the bunk. It was an incident that remains etched in his mind till today.

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