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Five ways your Android will change in the future

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Phones have come a long way since its first inception, there are now more and more things you can do with your phone. The phone is similar to the computer in how you can now do more things plus it has become more mobile. The first stages of the computer where that it was attached to your desk but slowly and steadily we have got to a point whether the computer has become more mobile which why we have products like laptops.

Fully Resistant to water 

There are many ways to break your phone some of these ways can include the likes of dropping your phone and breaking, it can include the continuous amounts of viruses stored in your phone who it can be due to an overload of liquids. When our phones break due to an overload of liquids we tend to put it in rice to try and dry the water out. However with the way the android is trying to develop they will be fully resistant to water and liquids. The first signs of the android phone which are starting to resist the pressure of water is the Samsung Galaxy S7. If you have this phone don’t just throw this phone into a bath or a river and think it is going to survive it is only resistant to the water of one metre for around half an hour, however, you can see the mindset they are trying to employ.

Stretchable Phones

This is a crazy prediction and its something that might be made possible because of the inventors and the technology that we have available. Stretchable phones will mean they are going to be more suited to our pockets and they will be able to fit into more things. You will not only have the option of making it smaller you can also make it bigger so it will be suited to watching videos on youtube or watching movies on your stretchable phone, basically meaning you phone will be like a rubber band in the future.

Change of Colours

This new feature will be something you can show off to your family and friends and who wouldn’t. When we go into a shop to buy a phone you think about things like the model of your phone, the durability and also the intractability of your phones like what colour your phone is. You will have the ability to change your phone to the colour of your choice and you will be able to do this as many times as you like.

Typing with your brain

The way that technology on our phones has improved is that we use to just be able to type with the keyboard, then we are now able to use our voices to control our phones and the next part is to use our brains. This is something that is long into the future, but the benefits are vast we will be able to use less effort using our phones plus it will also be much quicker. A device called Alter ego is trying to develop technology where you can communicate with robots just using your brain and hopefully, in the future, this will be installed into our future phones.

Receiving messages in one place

If you have a phone or a computer you will know you have different places to receive messages, for example, you can receive them through your inbox on your phone, or you can get messages from snap chat, facebook, Instagram and many more places. In the future, there will be technology developed so all our message will go into one place so we won’t have to open different tabs, for example, making it easier and quicker to operate your phone.

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