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What Not to Do on Social Media if You Value Your Privacy

What Not to Do on Social Media if You Value Your Privacy? The lure of saying something, anything to a large audience of people who read your opinions is addictive. When you don’t get the desired reaction from your friends’ circle or family, social media gives you a high. Unfortunately, there are not very positive aspects of social media. Let us look at what you shouldn’t be doing on social media if you value your privacy.

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Keep your personal details to yourself, unless you are cool about letting people into your private space. 

Most of us want to keep our personal lives, out of the purview of prying eyes. But, if you keep uploading information be prepared that people you do not know will look at the information and read or watch the stuff you put out there. You cannot state that they have crossed the boundary later. Heck man, there are no boundaries on social media! You have to get that. There are filters, of course, use them, don’t go all ‘public’ and then cry foul. So not cool. 

Practically everyone talks politics today. 

Do you want in on the political debates or would you prefer to refrain from contributing to anything contentious that may come your way? Most likely if you do not like the politics adopted at the present juncture, like a government in power, you may want to state your opinion. But, wait, you may have to deal with the backlash that comes your way. Comments may be downright cruel.

And the trolls, oh man that will set your pulse rate on a crazed pitch that you will wonder why the …. You even bothered to say your piece. In my opinion, if you want to keep your private life out of the purview of trolls, don’t get drawn into the web. Keep your opinions to yourself, period.

Profanity sucks big time.

If you are a regular blogger or like to put your opinions out there just for the heck of it on Twitter, for instance, refrain from saying anything profane, derogatory, religiously intolerant, or racist. You are entitled to your point of view. Who isn’t? But should you even put offensive material? Keep your opinion to yourself. There aren’t many people who dig this kind of nonsense. It is best to shut the heck up or face the music for the muck you dish.

Too much information, what is it with you?

Did you have a major showdown with the spouse? Who doesn’t fight! That is for the two of you to go through, don’t let the world know about the showdown. You are definitely going to make up sooner than later. So, why tell the world about a misunderstanding. That is pretty silly. Even if you are having a host of problems, talking about them on a public domain to gain brownie points, likes or shares is not right. Keep your relationship or lack of between you.  Do not tear the rep of your significant other to shreds. 

Reality show bug got to you?

If you are a private person, do you really want more than a select group to have a look at your pictures of your family, kids, personal space? Once you share pictures on the internet on a public domain, expect the unexpected. It may open a can of worms. An average family does not have bodyguards like reality show celebs, to take care of them, so why put yourself out there, for fifteen minutes of a high. 

Get a grip on reality. Keep your private space just that private, especially if you value your privacy. Follow the pointers above and your gut. That should set you right as to what not to do on social media. 

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